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Well I have never blogged before but I really want to start so here I go. I used to journal a lot when I was younger so I guess this is just a not private what so ever journal right? oh but does that mean I have to try being a heck of a lot more interesting and entertaining? Ok I will try.

How about I start out by telling you all what I just read. I guess yesterday one day after being convicted of a DUI with a prior, Megan Barnes caused a car crash as she proceeded to shave her vagina while driving!! Okay the whole doing multiple things while driving isn’t what bothers me here because honestly who hasn’t read a text message, taken a phone call, eaten some fries while driving? What bothers me is…WHERE WAS THE HAIR GOING??? And on top of that she had a passenger. I mean I am super close with my best friend but I honestly don’t think I would feel comfortable shaving my woohoo with her sitting there watching me, that is NOT an attractive position for anyone to be seen.

Wow what a way to start a blog hey. Inappropriate conversations, oh well! At least you know I’m gonna be honest in writing what I am thinking about. Anyways, I am going to think about this whole blogging thing and maybe write something a little more deep or meaningful later but for now I must get to work! ta ta


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