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Dinner party excitement

This Saturday I am having a dinner party!!! It has been far too long since I have cooked for others and well, I have this intense longing to make DUCK. I’m not going to make the whole duck, I think that’s a little too much to take on for the first time making a meat I have never even tasted myself, but I am going to make big, huge, fatty (hopefully delicious) duck breasts.

I am actually quite excited as like I said its been way too long. I don’t know what it is about cooking but it truly brings me joy. I think, well actually I know, I am more excited for the preparation than the actually eating of the dish, especially since I probably won’t like it. And not because it’s going to taste bad because, let’s be honest I have made one bad meal in my life (nasty lentils and sausage in a slow cooker…sorry Dan!!) but because it’s red meat…well kind of right? I know I’m cooking it to medium rare so it must be kind of like red meat??? Well either way my guests are sure to enjoy it!

Oh and I am going to take a picture and I am going to buy a camera cord and I am going to post pictures of everything I have been talking about on this silly blog so maybe it will be more interesting DAMMIT.


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