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Do you smell what I smell?

How come people with body odour don’t realize it? Or do they realize it and are too embarrassed to say? It’s okay, I don’t need you to admit it and say “hey I stink today sorry about that” (though that would be helpful) but if you have a stinky problem, deal with it!

First of all I don’t wear deodorant all that often, usually just when I think I have the potential for sweating more in a day. BUT I don’t smell, and trust me if I did I would call myself out on it. (I often do a personal check if I think its possible I smell a bit just to make sure.)

The minor smelling when you sweat a little more than you were expecting isn’t really what I’m talking about though. I’m talking about when you walk by a person and the smell overwhelms and burns your nostrils!!! How does a person not smell that on themselves? I’m serious! Do they have a different flow of air around them that doesn’t allow the smell to make it to their nose or what?

I don’t understand it, so if someone has any idea as to why this happens or how it happens or why people are ok with allowing themselves to stink I would love to hear an explanation.


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Non Rider fans suck it up, I have to put this out there. I sat outside in the FREEZING cold last weekend and I would really like my boys to come through and prove to me it was worth being cold for 3 days.


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Make me Angry

As some have noticed I have taken a little break from my writing but I know I need to get back at it. The night that things went bad I was driving home and thinking about all the things that piss me off and how I wanted to write about them and it was going to be hilarious. Then with everything that happened it didn’t seem right. And now, well I think I just need to do it regardless of a funny factor cause I’m not feeling funny at all.

So here is a list, if you do any of these things, just stay away from me:

– people who snap at me to get my attention
– people who are late
– having to scrape snow or ice off my car (this is the first winter I have to do this myself)
– how the conditioner ALWAYS runs out before the shampoo
– people who are usually negative
– chips that have no flavor (ex Lays, I totally can eat just one)
– sweat on me or anyone else
– in relation to above, working out in any form
– what rain does to my hair
– when people lie about how high the top of the hike is
– ugly people who think they are the hottest things ever
– people who make out in public (especially the ugly ones)
– chewing with your mouth open/talking with your mouth full
– people who start out a bbm conversation with “hey” instead of just saying what you want
– people who delete me from bbm (I mean I realize I don’t talk to everyone on there but it is disturbing when I go to bed with 34 contacts and wake up with 33, I wonder what I did that made you take such a drastic step and DELETE me)
– cheap people

I could go on and on and on, trust me, but I am going to stop there. I promise my next post will be freaking hilarious and wonderful and heart provoking and make you laugh and cry and feel every emotion you have ever felt but for now this is going to have to do.

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Just Support

I know there are so many people who will say “there is a reason, there is a purpose, everything happens for a reason” but no one wants to hear that, or at least not now. Eventually we all understand the circle of things, or at least grasp it I suppose but at this moment it just…I guess I just don’t even know what to say.

I am sitting here numb. I understand there are why’s and there are answers but I think right now its better to just be numb. Allow the feelings to creep in, affect me in whatever way they need to, deal with them and be there for my friend.

I know one day I will feel the intense emotional pain that I saw, but I don’t want to. I want to stomp my feet and have a tantrum and just stop things. Make it better for those I love and never feel it myself. But yes I know, I can’t make any of that happen.

This the crappy part about the deep downs of life, there is really nothing we can do about it but be there to support each other. If you are reading this please just hold the situation up in your prayers and send love. I don’t need advice or words of wisdom, loving support is what is needed and I believe as humans we can feel when we are receiving that.

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Can’t make me

I don’t like handshakes. To me they are stuffy and far too professional! Ask any colleague or client, I am NOT ‘professional’. I think it’s more important to be personable and real. Though I actually don’t consider myself unprofessional, I just know I don’t pretend in situations, like many do.

And why is it such a standard that when I meet you I must shake your hand? Is it too awkward for me to be standing 2 feet in front of you and give you a fake smile and a small wave? Probably, but I like it better. I will do everything in my power to avoid a handshake if I know one is coming.

If I see someone coming into my office that I know I will have to shake their hand, I will get on the phone with a client or be very intensely engaged in whatever is happening on my computer screen (usually I throw in a furrowed brow to show importance or confusion to the screen) and therefore distracted at the initial eye contact moment and any time after that most normal people won’t try to shake my hand.

I will go out on a limb and guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t enjoy handshakes, so lets just stop. Okay? Wonderful!

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A Confession

So it’s time I confess I have a problem. Admitting is the first step towards recovery right? It effects my everyday, what I eat, what I do, how I live.



I’m a shopaholic.

Now just to make myself feel a bit better, I must say that I have gotten so much better in the last year. During the month of December 2009 I had a package delivered to my office literally everyday. Some may say this has stopped because I have a maxed out my credit card, but I believe it is because I have learned restraint. You can believe what you want.

I don’t know what it is about shopping. There is a magical high that comes over me when I purchase something. The bigger the item, the bigger the high. And it’s double the excitement when it’s online because the first high comes when you click accept and the second comes when that glorious brown box comes up to your desk. Ahh, so beautiful.

Anyways, I have realized the errors in my ways as I have so many items that I have bought and never wear or use. This is where the problem is. So now when I’m at a store or online I have to know 100% that I will use the item I am about to buy or I don’t get it (most of the time).

Well that’s that. I don’t recommend trying online shopping with an empty credit card, but it may just bring joy to your heart. (And if you need tips on online sizing or getting deals, I’m your girl)  

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