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Sometimes the truth hurts

Have you ever changed your hair color and when you go to work the next day everyone tells you it looks good when you ask and then a couple months later you go back to the original color and everyone tells you they much prefer it that way? Or have you ever fallen in love with an article of clothing and wear it so often you wear it out and when a friend asks you where its gone and you tell them it has a hole and you can’t wear it anymore they say “Oh thank goodness cause it was not flattering on you”? WTF friends!!!

My friends appreciate that no matter what they are asking me they will get an honest opinion. If you cut your hair and I don’t think it looks amazing, I won’t tell you it’s ugly but I will tell you I prefer how it looked before. If we are trying on clothes at a store, I will tell you if something doesn’t look good no matter how much you may like it. Would people prefer I keep my mouth shut?

I was at Shoppers Drug Mart a couple months ago with a friend and there was a lady there threading people’s eyebrows and we decided to get ours done. I asked my friend how my eyebrows looked before hand and if I should get the lady to change the shape or just clean them up and she said, “you’re eyebrows are quite bushy, this will help”! My eyebrows had looked the same for a long time!!!! Why hadn’t she told me this before? Why had my good friend allowed me to walk around with man eyebrows?

Okay, I don’t actually think they were horrible bushy man eyebrows, but she instantly said that they were bushy, like this was a thought that had previously crossed her mind and she had just never said anything to me, but why? Are most people just nicer than me and more sensitive to hurting others feelings if they are honest? I’d say probably!

But I guess that’s okay with me. I like being the friend that people come to when they aren’t sure about something because they know they will get an honest answer. I like being known for always telling the truth no matter what the circumstance. I like showing people the sometimes harsh reality of a situation. So you liars just keep it up, you are give me a reason to keep doing what I do, others need me!


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It’s a choice

I feel like maybe I don’t have a right to say anything about what I am about to write, but I am going to say it anyways. Everything is said in love.

I regularly have different people in my life who are down in the dumps and depressed and just not happy about life. People with the “woe is me” attitude who find it so difficult to see the good in situations. The type that, even when they had a great day, it was always just “fine”.

The thing I don’t get is that I don’t think anyone would look at me and say “that girl is super happy”, I don’t think I come off that way. But I also don’t think I have ever felt “depressed” the way that so many do, I have never been the type looking for pity. Yes I have my times where I wish I could just win the lottery, find Prince Charming, be my own boss, drive a ridiculously expensive vehicle, wear a size 2 dress and own the newest Louis Vuitton purse, but I don’t ever really get down about it. I have fun complaining for a couple minutes and move on.

And then I wonder is it because I have been through crap and my mom has always been there and loved me and shown me how to have fun and smile regardless of where you are in life? Or is it just my far too strong personality that tells me not to show weakness in that way? I’m really not sure but I would guess it is a combination of both.

I get that everyone copes and deals with situations different. I get that something that I could sluff off and forget about not everyone can. I guess I just wish that more people would choose to be happy. I’m not saying happy always, sometimes life sucks and we have to go through those emotions to get to the other side and learn from whatever we went through, but I believe happiness is a choice. It is a choice to wake up everyday, get dressed and go to work. It is a choice to tell someone you had a great day rather than a fine day. It is a choice to smile and go out with friends and laugh. It is a choice to brush yourself off from the little disappointments in life and move on.

It is a choice to be happy, try it, what is the worst that could happen?

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What do I really want?

I have been “single” for almost an entire year for the first time since I started dating 10 years ago. It has been an interesting ride filled with excitement and joy and happiness and smiles, as well as tears and heartbreak and some major times of confusion. With this crazy holiday called Valentine’s Day upon us, it is making me think, do I really want a relationship?? 

If I had been asked this 6 months ago I would have wholeheartedly said “ABSOLUTELY” but things seem to be slowly changing for me. There are still days when I just want someone to come home to or call at the end of the day but there are many more days when I am totally content with spending some time alone. I have adopted the policy to “just say yes” when someone invites me out so that has helped not only break my out of my comfort zones, but ensures I am not sitting home every single night because then I may feel different. I have also taken up the gym (again) and this time I am (kinda) looking forward to going. The gym has giving me an energy which I haven’t had in a while which I must honestly admit is quite fabulous. (Plus I have lost 13 pounds since Jan 1!!)

Over the past year of being alone I have found my own personal passions and really spent time discovering myself and I am not sure if I am ready to give that all up yet. I know people always say when you get in a relationship you aren’t supposed to change for them or lose yourself, but come on, if we are being honest, we all do at least a little bit.

So I think with “Couples Holiday” quickly approaching I’m not going to be down in the dumps like I thought I may have been. I am going to be happy for those who have loved ones to spend the day with and I am going to be excited about my own path (so cheesy) and where it is taking me because I know my sexy man in Carhartts will show up one day and until then I am enjoying the single life.

Plus this weekend I want to make those old school elementary Valentine’s Day cards for all my friends so that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

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