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I was in my first 2 weeks of Grade 10, naive, scared, hopeful for the future. At that time I still enjoyed getting up, getting ready and watching the news before I had to leave for the day. I was interested in journalism and I liked knowing what was going on in the world around me so that day I did just that.

I got up, got ready, sat down in our living room and turned on the television. I remember being confused, watching only for a few minutes and then I left for school.

I got to the bus stop and that is when I realized what I thought was going on was a lot more serious. Everyone was talking about it, all day, that’s all we heard about, “plane crash, New York, dead, war.”

I couldn’t fathom what was actually happening but when I got home from school and planted myself in front of the TV for the next 2 weeks to watch repeat footage of thousands of people die I began to understand. But only a little.

I can only understand as an outsider looking in, someone with fear, with questions, with anger. I am saddened for the people who lost loved ones, who only have memories left, who never got to say goodbye. 

And I am thankful. I am thankful I don’t have any connections to that day. I didn’t lose a mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother or friend. I am still living and breathing and so are those I love. And for that reason, I will remember. I will remember where I was. I will remember what I thought and felt.

I will remember them.



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