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I was in my first 2 weeks of Grade 10, naive, scared, hopeful for the future. At that time I still enjoyed getting up, getting ready and watching the news before I had to leave for the day. I was interested in journalism and I liked knowing what was going on in the world around me so that day I did just that.

I got up, got ready, sat down in our living room and turned on the television. I remember being confused, watching only for a few minutes and then I left for school.

I got to the bus stop and that is when I realized what I thought was going on was a lot more serious. Everyone was talking about it, all day, that’s all we heard about, “plane crash, New York, dead, war.”

I couldn’t fathom what was actually happening but when I got home from school and planted myself in front of the TV for the next 2 weeks to watch repeat footage of thousands of people die I began to understand. But only a little.

I can only understand as an outsider looking in, someone with fear, with questions, with anger. I am saddened for the people who lost loved ones, who only have memories left, who never got to say goodbye. 

And I am thankful. I am thankful I don’t have any connections to that day. I didn’t lose a mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother or friend. I am still living and breathing and so are those I love. And for that reason, I will remember. I will remember where I was. I will remember what I thought and felt.

I will remember them.



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Why are we all more interested in other people’s lives than in our own? Why has reality TV become the primary type of program you can find on television at any given moment? Why can the gossip chain never stop?

Is my life so boring that I need to talk about yours? Is your life so crappy that you need to talk about mine?

Trust me I am probably one of the worst for this, I have a sick obsession with reality TV and if you tell me a great secret it’s kind of hard for me to keep it, especially if it is something happy. But why do we do this? Do we need to spread gossip to make us feel superior to others?

Wanna know what gets me the most? The people who say things like “Oh I heard something really crazy about that person” then they look at you waiting for you to dig and get out of them what they know and you as a lower life form had no idea about. Screw off! I could care less if you know something about Jack and Jill that I don’t and when I can tell you want me to ask you about it I sure as hell won’t ask a thing.

I’m in a bad mood today…can you tell?

I’m not going anywhere with this because I am just as bad at it as anyone, just sometimes it really gets my skin crawling seeing the gossip chain grow and grow. If you are important enough to know something you will know, otherwise we should all mind our own business.

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