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The man has been out of the country for a few days and with probably a month in front of me of being “alone” I have realized the obvious: it’s not that bad. Yes, I would rather not be 8 time zones away, but with that much space comes vast personal freedom.

In honor of this freedom I have compiled a top 10 list of the best things about not having a man around.

10. I can lay on the comfy part of the couch without feeling like I have to share it. Sprawl out, cuddle up and don’t move all evening, it’s all mine.

9. I can watch The Real Housewives, Bachelorette and Big Brother without smart ass comments interrupting every perfect moment.

8. I get to use as much or as little of the blankets I want.

7. There isn’t a trail of clothes to pick up. The trail actually makes me laugh but a little break from constantly tidying is always nice.

6. I get to drive a big diesel SUV, listen to satellite radio and pretend I am the Queen of the road. Along with this, I don’t have to worry about circling 11th Ave 5 times looking for a parking spot every night only to discover I have to parallel with a line up of cars behind me.

5. I can go to the gym and sweat and not worry about showering. If I choose to sit in my filth until the next morning, that’s my choice.

4. Less toilet paper is used. Honestly, I don’t understand how it disappears so quickly when a man is around. I appreciate the attempt at doing a thorough job but do you really need to use a roll a day?

3. I get to change into sweats the second I get home. I do this regardless, but at least when I am alone I don’t have to think about how I should still be “trying to impress”.

2.  I can eat onion dip and it’s okay that it seeps from my pores for 3 days. I try to stay away from it because it literally does seep from my pores but travel time is the best time for me to indulge.

1. The toilet seat is always down. You will never hear me complain about it being up as I think it’s just one of those things women should relax about, but it’s quite nice not having to be fearful of falling in when you go pee in the dark.


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What do I really want?

I have been “single” for almost an entire year for the first time since I started dating 10 years ago. It has been an interesting ride filled with excitement and joy and happiness and smiles, as well as tears and heartbreak and some major times of confusion. With this crazy holiday called Valentine’s Day upon us, it is making me think, do I really want a relationship?? 

If I had been asked this 6 months ago I would have wholeheartedly said “ABSOLUTELY” but things seem to be slowly changing for me. There are still days when I just want someone to come home to or call at the end of the day but there are many more days when I am totally content with spending some time alone. I have adopted the policy to “just say yes” when someone invites me out so that has helped not only break my out of my comfort zones, but ensures I am not sitting home every single night because then I may feel different. I have also taken up the gym (again) and this time I am (kinda) looking forward to going. The gym has giving me an energy which I haven’t had in a while which I must honestly admit is quite fabulous. (Plus I have lost 13 pounds since Jan 1!!)

Over the past year of being alone I have found my own personal passions and really spent time discovering myself and I am not sure if I am ready to give that all up yet. I know people always say when you get in a relationship you aren’t supposed to change for them or lose yourself, but come on, if we are being honest, we all do at least a little bit.

So I think with “Couples Holiday” quickly approaching I’m not going to be down in the dumps like I thought I may have been. I am going to be happy for those who have loved ones to spend the day with and I am going to be excited about my own path (so cheesy) and where it is taking me because I know my sexy man in Carhartts will show up one day and until then I am enjoying the single life.

Plus this weekend I want to make those old school elementary Valentine’s Day cards for all my friends so that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

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