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Roller coaster

It’s a ride you only have control of before it starts. You walk up, stand in line, wait your turn and when the cart comes around it’s up to you if you want to get on and take the risk for the rush or leave the line and try something else. That’s the last time you have control. After that, it’s moving where it wants and when it wants. You can’t tell it to stop, you can’t jump off, it has to run its course whether or not you want to ride with it.

I don’t like rollercoasters. A lot of people can enjoy the ride, relax, see the hill coming up and get excited for the rush that is about to come from the drop down. Or even crazier to me, close their eyes the whole time and just feel it.

I stand in line, the ride comes around, I get scared and I don’t get on. I do that 3 or 4 times until I have to make a decision. Stand there and look like a fool while everyone else is jumping on or take a risk and try it myself.

I would rather stay on the stable concrete. I would rather watch everyone else go through the ups and downs knowing when they are going to happen for them and seeing the reaction in their face when they didn’t see it coming. I would rather sit waiting, smiling when they catch my eye, be excited or scared for them, then be out of control like that.

And then the ride ends. The rush they felt as they share the excitement for that crazy flip they didn’t know was coming was unbelievable. It was worth it. It was worth the intensely beating heart as they were climbing up knowing something great was around the corner. They want to go again. They want to lift their arms and let go and enjoy the ride as I choose to walk away and stand on the side lines, too scared to try myself.


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