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Bust a move

So you know the phrase “dance like no one is watching”, well  I have taken to actually dancing when no one is watching.

I never really thought about it until yesterday when I was dancing in my work elevator that I actually dance (like a fool) on a regular basis. I do try to avoid the elevator at my work since I don’t go to the building with the elevator that often and when I do I think I should drag my lazy butt up the 2 or 4 flights of  stairs, but when I do decide to get on I seem to like to get my groove on.

I don’t even think about it, as soon as the incredibly slow-moving doors close (the elevator has got to be at least 40 years old) I bust a move. And trust me, my moves are not pretty. It’s like the kind of dancing a 12-year-old does in front of her mirror when she is in love and singing along to Justin Bieber with her hairbrush as her mic (something I obviously know a lot about growing up in the era of boy bands).

Just plain silliness. And I do it at home too! I don’t have a cd player or a radio or anything in my place, but the odd time I turn my tv to the music channels, if a good song comes on I totally end up pretending I’m in a club on a Friday night (and I don’t even go to clubs).

Anyways, that is my embarrassing confession. Though really, it makes my heart smile so I’m not ashamed. But please don’t put a hidden camera in my elevator because if a video ended up on the internet I might just change my mind.


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Listen here people

Does everyone know that facebook, bbm, twitter, msn etc are all PUBLIC forums? Okay so we can all agree on that. And can we all agree that when you put a status up on any said place you are making PUBLIC whatever it is you are posting? Ok great. Lastly, do you all know that when you update your status with something negative you are obviously asking for comments? See this is where the disagreement starts.

It seems to be a common theme for people to update their status’ with sad depressing statements and then not go into detail when asked about them. OR passive aggressive statements in the hopes of “really getting through to someone”.

For example: “Could life possibly get any worse” and then someone responds “what’s up, how can I help” and original person says “oh nothing, don’t worry about it”. THEN DON’T POST IT ON FACEBOOK. And you are a liar. You want people to comment, you want someone to ask what’s up. You obviously are searching for a little love so don’t act like you aren’t. And that’s totally cool, not what I would do, but everyone has different ways of reaching out so when you are, don’t deny okay, its annoying!

Another example that I think is worse: “You know what you did and I hate you” or anything along those lines. A status that is obviously directly related to someone or some incident that you don’t have the balls to call out directly. Are we in elementary school? Maybe junior high? Nope, I’m pretty sure all my friends are adults but sometimes I seriously wonder. Number one I hate passive aggressive people, if you have a problem with someone, tell them and deal with it, don’t beat around the bush because it’s a waste of everyone’s time. And number two, being passive aggressive on facebook or any other similar format is just plain and simply ridiculous.

It’s actually kind of funny because I think this whole post might sound passive aggressive, like I am talking about someone in particular, but I’m not. And if I had to call out every single person about doing this I would probably have to cut out half of my facebook friends. And honestly if you read my blog, I don’t wanna lose you.

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Who is out there?

I’d really like to know who reads this on a regular basis. There are my normal people who like to comment on every single post but I know there are a lot more people who check this out because I have stats that show me. Please tell me who you are.

Look Oprah sent me a message to tell me she is a reader, if she can tell me then so can you. I would share the video but she asked me specifically not to, sorry folks.

I used to google myself to see what I could find and I could never find anything until like third or fourth page and it was always just my facebook profile…not exciting. BUT, this morning I googled myself and my blog came up on the first page! Guess what that means?? I am famous! Now don’t go raining on my parade, I’m famous right? Come on, Oprah sent me a message, obviously I am.

That’s all, happy sunday. I think I am getting a little sick so I am going to go cuddle up and watch the food network.

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Obviously I know which picture looks more “pulled together” and more “professional”, but which one looks more comfortable? If you picked #1, you are so smart!

I HATE dressing professional, almost as much as I hate shaking hands. Now I bet you are thinking, “she doesn’t wear leggings and hoodies to work does she?” If you thought that sorry, you are wrong. Now I have to just put one thing out there, the hoodies I wear are a little nicer looking then this one and usually I wear are black  UGGS so I think that dresses it up a bit, throw on a nice pair of flats instead and I think I could almost pass for business casual.

I wonder if I would be more respected in my position if I dressed more like the second picture? Or if I would have more success on first dates if I tried a little harder? I dont care, I think #1 is the way to go. I have people tell me I should put in more effort or I should step outside my comfort zone, but why? If you deal with me in a work setting I have great customer service and that is what people are looking for right? And if you take me on a date I think you should know what you are getting into at the start.

I like being comfortable and I know Stacey and Clinton would fight me on this, but if you want to see a change in wardrobe for me, nominate me for the show because I am not going to change on my own.

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Back off

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Someone peed in my corn flakes. Someone took the jam out of my donut. And today is Wednesday but I have a case of the Monday’s.

I’m grumpy, you see it, you can tell I’m angry, so stop trying to tick me off please! Because if you don’t, I just might be tempted to create in real life the movie that is playing in my head. And trust me, you will be a sore, sore individual if that happens.

This is how I see it playing out; me placing my hand on the back of your head. My hand pressing and pushing firmly and swiftly until your face comes into contact with your desk. Your 2 (or more) front teeth falling out and blood pouring out while you scream. Your nose breaking. You crying and your eyes going so puffy you can’t see. This is what I would like to do, so be quiet and leave me alone.

Disclaimer: I am not a violent person. I’m just bored and grumpy and sometimes my brain goes places yours may not.

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